ChartDirector for Perl
Universal Perl chart library for both command line and CGI charting applications
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This page provides information specific to ChartDirector for Perl. Please refer to the General Features page for general ChartDirector features.
Perl Chart Sample
Perl Specific Features
Completely self-contained
ChartDirector for Perl is completely self-contained and does not required any third party Perl or graphics module (eg. "GD" not required).
High Performance Graphics Engine
ChartDirector's built-in multi-threaded graphics engine is specially designed for high performance server side graphics. It is fast and efficient and employs high quality anti-alias graphics.
JsChartViewer Javascript Library
Sophisticated Javascript library to support ASP charts with AJAX features and advanced user interactions, such as mouse events for chart objects, programmable track cursor, zoomimg and scrolling, and realtime charts.
CGI and Standalone Sample Code
Includes plenty of Perl charting sample code in both CGI and command line scripts. The CGI charting sample code comes with an explorer-style browser page for easy viewing.
Comprehensive Documentation
Over 1500 pages of fully indexed and searchable documentation, available in both HTML and CHM formats.
System Requirements
Perl 5.004 or above on Windows, Linux, FreeBSD or Solaris. Perl 5.6.0 or above on Mac OS X.