ChartDirector 6.1 (PHP Edition)

Appendix - PHP Concepts

This document introduces some PHP concepts and features that may be useful for ChartDirector installation.

phpinfo - Obtaining PHP Configuration Information

phpinfo is a standard PHP function for obtain detail information about the PHP system. To use it, simply create a PHP file on the web server that contains only one line as follows:

<?php phpinfo() ?>

When the above PHP file is accessed with a browser, and it will display the PHP configuration.

php.ini - PHP Configuration File

PHP configurations are stored in a text file called the PHP configuration file. The file name is usually "php.ini" but sometimes a different file name is used. You may use phpinfo to find out the exact location and name of your PHP configuration file.

PHP Extension Directory

The PHP extension directory is a directory for storing PHP extension DLLs or shared objects. The PHP extension directory is configured using the "extension_dir" statement in php.ini. You may use phpinfo to find out where is your PHP extension directory.

If the PHP extension directory is configured as a relative path (such as "./"), please make sure you know where the path is relative to. Depending on how the PHP system is set up, it can be relative to the PHP script directory, the PHP interpreter directory, the web server executable directory, other directory. To avoid confusion, it is best to set the PHP extension directory to an absolute path.