ChartDirector for ColdFusion
Universal ColdFusion chart library
ColdFusion Specific Features
This page provides information specific to ChartDirector for ColdFusion. Please refer to the General Features page for general ChartDirector features.
ColdFusion chart example with zoom, scroll, viewport, track cursor and PDF export
Pure Java Implementation
Runs anywhere ColdFusion MX can run.
ColdFusion Data Types Native Support
Specifically designed to support ColdFusion data types and query objects. No "Javacast" or data conversions needed.
Easy To Set Up
Just include the ChartDirector JAR file in your ColdFusion Java library path.
JsChartViewer Javascript Library
Sophisticated Javascript library to support ColdFusion charts with AJAX features and advanced user interactions, such as mouse events for chart objects, programmable track cursor, zoomimg and scrolling, and realtime charts.
Plenty of CFM Sample Scripts
Includes plenty of ColdFusion charting sample code with an explorer-style browser page for easy viewing. All sample charts include tool tips support. Contains a sample database to demonstrate generating charts using data from database.
Comprehensive Documentation
Over 1500 pages of fully indexed and searchable documentation, available in both HTML and CHM formats.
System Requirements
ColdFusion MX 7.0 or above. (For ColdFusion MX 6.0, please use ChartDirector Ver 5.0.2.)