ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



AngularMeter(width, height [, bgColor [, edgeColor [, raisedEffect ]]])


Creates a new AngularMeter object.

Note: In the ASP/COM/VB edition of ChartDirector, the AngularMeter constructor is implemented as a method of the ChartDirector.API object called ChartDirector.API.AngularMeter.


width(Mandatory)The width of the chart in pixels.
height(Mandatory)The height of the chart in pixels.
bgColorBackgroundColorThe background color of the chart.
edgeColorTransparentThe edge color of the chart.
raisedEffect0The 3D border width. For positive values, the border will appear raised. For negative values, the border will appear depressed. A zero value means the border will appear flat.

Return Value

The AngularMeter object created.