ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



setCap(radius, fillColor [, edgeColor ])


Sets the radius and color of a classical pointer cap.

The classical pointer cap is a circle at the center of the meter above the meter pointer. By default, it is a small circle 3 pixels in radius, so it looks like a "pivot" for the pointer for it to rotate about the center. You may change the radius and colors of this circle using this method to achieve other visual effects.

Classical pointer caps are best used with classical pointers (added with BaseMeter.addPointer). New style pointers (added with AngularMeter.addPointer2) by default uses new style caps (configures with AngularMeter.setCap2).


radius(Mandatory)The radius of pointer cap circle in pixels.
fillColor(Mandatory)The fill color of the pointer cap circle.
edgeColorLineColorThe edge color of the pointer cap circle.

Return Value