ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)





Creates a CDML table and docks it to the axis, with one row (for horizontal axis) or column (for vertical axis) containing the axis labels.

Before calling this method, it is necessarily to set the labels on the axis first using Axis.setLabels or Axis.setLabels2. You should only use this method on a label based axis with no label stepping.

This method will automatically indent the axis (see Axis.setIndent), and set the tick offset to 0.5 (see Axis.setTickOffset). This is to ensure the plot area grid lines align with the table grid lines (instead of align with the labels).

You may use the returned CDMLTable object to insert additional rows and/or columns to the table. A common application of this method is to insert the data values to the table, so the chart will have a data table docked to the axis, aligned with the chart contents.



Return Value

A CDMLTable object containing the axis labels.