ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)





Specifies if the axis should be "indented" or not.

Normally, the x-axis is automatically scaled so that x coordinate of first data point is at the beginning of the x-axis, and the x coordinate last data point is at the end of the axis. If a line layer is drawn, the line will span from the left border of the plot area to the right border of the plot area.

However, for bar layer, if the x-axis is scaled as above, half of the first bar and half of the last bar will be outside the plot area. The same applies to HLOC layers, candlestick layers and box-whisker layers.

When the axis is "indented", some margins will be reserved at the ends of the axis, so that all data representation are within the plot area.

By default, "indented" mode is automatically used in x-axis for charts that contain bar, HLOC, candlestick or box-whisker layers.

The setIndent method allows you to manually configure whether "indented" mode is used or not. One common usage is to align the x-axes in different charts.

For example, suppose a web page contains a bar chart and a line chart. The bar chart will be using "indented" mode x-axis, while the line chart will be using "non-indented" mode. If the two charts are on top of one another for ease of comparison (common for finance style charts), it is desirable that their x-axes should align. In this case, the setIndent method can be used to force the line chart to use indented mode x-axis.


indent(Mandatory)A true (non-zero) value sets the axis to indented mode. A false (zero) value sets the axis to non-indented mode.

Return Value