ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



setLinearScale(lowerLimit, upperLimit [, majorTickInc [, minorTickInc ]])


Sets the axis to use the given linear scale.


lowerLimit(Mandatory)The lower bound of the axis.
upperLimit(Mandatory)The upper bound of the axis.
majorTickInc0Adds major ticks to the axis, where the major ticks are separated by majorTickInc in value. Each major tick will have an associated text label for the value if the axis at the tick.

0 means the major ticks will be automatically determined. In this case, the lowerLimit and upperLimit may be automatically adjusted to align with the ticks.

Use NoValue to disable major ticks.
minorTickInc0Adds minor ticks to the axis, where the minor ticks are separated by minorTickInc in value. 0 means no minor tick is used.

Return Value