ChartDirector 6.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



setBarShape2(shape [, dataGroup [, dataItem ]])


Sets the shape of the bar(s) to a custom shape defined using an array of (x, y) coordinates.


shape(Mandatory)The bar shape to use. Please refer to Shape Specification on how shapes are specified.
dataGroup-1The index of the data group that the shape applies to. In a multi-stacked bar, the data sets that are stacked up into a single bar forms a data group. In a multi-bar chart, each data set is a data group by itself. -1 means the shape applies to all data groups.
dataItem-1The index of the data points that the shape applies to. For example, if set to 3, the shape will only apply to the 4th bar (index starts from 0) in each data series. -1 means the shape applies to all data points.

Return Value