ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



setAntiAlias([ shapeAntiAlias [, textAntiAlias ]])


Controls whether anti-alias is used when drawing lines, shapes and text.

For anti-aliasing text, ChartDirector supports the following modes.

NoAntiAlias0Disable anti-alias when drawing text
AntiAlias1Use classical anti-alias when drawing text
AutoAntiAlias2Automatically determine if anti-alias should be used for the text. This is the default.

Since version 5.1, ChartDirector would automatically choose ClearType or a similar technology as the default anti-alias method. Earlier versions of ChartDirector did not support ClearType, and ChartDirector would choose classical anti-alias for large or bold fonts, and no anti-alias for small non-bold fonts.

To force ChartDirector to revert to pre-5.1 behaviour, you may add the following line into your license file:


ClearTypeColor[Method]Use ClearType or a similar technology when drawing text.
ClearTypeMono[Method]Use monochrome ClearType or a similar technology when drawing text.


shapeAntiAliastrue (non-zero)A true (non-zero) value enables anti-alias when drawing lines and shapes. A false (zero) value disables anti-alias when drawing lines and shapes
textAntiAliasAutoAntiAliasThe text anti-alias mode, which must be one of NoAntiAlias, AntiAlias, AutoAntiAlias, ClearTypeColor or ClearTypeMono.

Return Value