ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)


The Box class represents boxes. It is used as the base class for more complex classes (such as the TextBox class).

setPos(Self)Sets the coordinates of the reference point of the box, which by default is the top-left corner of the box.
setSize(Self)Sets the width and height of the box.
setBackground(Self)Sets the background color, border color and 3D border effect of the box.
setRoundedCorners(Self)Sets the border style to use rounded corners.
getLeftX(Self)Gets the left x pixel coordinate of the box.
getTopY(Self)Gets the top y pixel coordinate of the box.
getWidth(Self)Gets the width of the box.
getHeight(Self)Gets the height of the box.
getImageCoor(Self)Gets the image map coordinates of the box as HTML image map attributes.
setZOrder(Self)Sets the z-order (drawing order) for custom box objects.