ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



StartOfDayFilter([ labelStep [, initialMargin ]])


Creates a data filter that matches date/times that represent the start of a new day in a date/time series.

This method is typically used in Axis.setMultiFormat and Axis.setMultiFormat2 to select specific dates/times for formatting as axis labels.

In a date/time series, an element is considered that start of a new day if it is of a different day than the previous element. It does not need to be at exactly the starting instance of the day.

For the first element of the date/time series, because there is no previous element to compare with, it will be considered as the start of a new day if it is "near" the exact starting instance of the current day, in which "near" is defined using the initialMargin argument, expressed as a ratio (0 to 1) of the day duration.


labelStep1For dates/times that matches the start of day criteria, picks only 1 out of every "labelStep" number of elements. For example, if this argument is 3, only 1 of every 3 elements that at at the start of day will be selected.
initialMargin0.05If the first label is "near" the exact starting instance of the current day to within the ratio specified in the initial margin, it will be considered to have matched the start of day criteria.

Return Value

An integer filter id representing the filter.