ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



brushedMetalColor(c [, texture [, angle ]])


Creates a color by modulates the brightness of another color to create brushed metallic shiny effects.

The brightness of the color will vary smoothly across the image in a given a direction, so as to produce a shiny effect. The color will then be modulated with a horizontal texture to create the brushed effect. The modulation period will be the same as the size of the image, so this method is best use to create background colors.


c(Mandatory)The color to be modulated.
texture2The strength of the brushed texture. Must be 0, 1, 2 or 3 for no texture, light texture, medium texture and strong texture.
angle90The direction for brightness modulation, specified as a clockwise angle in degrees, with 0 being the upward pointing direction.

Return Value

A 32-bit integer representing the brushed metallic color.