ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



Gets or sets the mouse pointer to be used when the mouse is not over a normal hot spot.

ChartViewer supports all Visual Basic mouse pointer shapes, plus some additional shapes. The default is cvDefault. If the mouse pointer is set to cvCustom, the icon specified by the ChartViewer.MouseIcon property will be used as the mouse pointer.

cvDefault0The default mouse pointer.
cvCrosshair2Cross (crosshair pointer).
cvIbeam3I beam.
cvIconPointer4Icon (small square within a square).
cvSizePointer5Size (four-pointed arrow pointing north
cvSizeNESW6Size NE SW (double arrow pointing northeast and southwest).
cvSizeNS7Size N S (double arrow pointing north and south).
cvSizeNWSE8Size NW SE (double arrow pointing northwest and southeast).
cvSizeWE9Size W E (double arrow pointing west and east).
cvUpArrow10Up Arrow.
cvHourglass11Hourglass (wait).
cvNoDrop12No Drop.
cvArrowHourglass13Arrow and hourglass.
cvArrowQuestion14Arrow and question mark.
cvSizeAll15Size all.
cvZoomInPointer51Zoom in.
cvZoomOutPointer52Zoom out.
cvNoZoomPointer53No Zoom.
cvScrollHorizontal54Horizontal scrolling.
cvScrollVertical55Vertical scrolling.
cvScroll2D562D Scrolling.
cvCustom99Custom icon.