ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



text2(str, font, fontIndex, fontHeight, fontWidth, angle, vertical, x, y, color [, alignment ])


Draws text.


str(Mandatory)A string representing the text to be drawn. CDML
font(Mandatory)The font name. See Font Specification for details on various font attributes.
fontIndex(Mandatory)The font index in case the font name refers to a font collection. An index of 0 means the first font.
fontHeight(Mandatory)The font height in points.
fontWidth(Mandatory)The font width in points.
angle(Mandatory)The rotation angle of the text. The angle is measured in degrees in clockwise direction.
vertical(Mandatory)This argument is for compatibility with older versions of ChartDirector. Always set it to false (zero).
x(Mandatory)The x coordinate of a reference point to align the text.
y(Mandatory)The y coordinate of a reference point to align the text.
color(Mandatory)The color of the text.
alignmentTopLeftThe position of the text relative to the reference point. See Alignment Specification for supported alignment types.

Return Value