ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



addParabolicSAR(accInitial, accIncrement, accMaximum, symbolType, symbolSize, fillColor, edgeColor)


Adds a parabolic SAR indicator to the main chart.


accInitial(Mandatory)The initial acceleration. A common value to use is 0.02.
accIncrement(Mandatory)The incremental acceleration. A common value to use is 0.02.
accMaximum(Mandatory)The maximum acceleration. A common value to use is 0.2.
symbolType(Mandatory)The symbol used to plot the parabolic SAR. One of the predefined shape constants representing the symbol shape. See Shape Specification for the available built-in shapes.
symbolSize(Mandatory)The width and height of the symbol in pixels
fillColor(Mandatory)The color used to fill the symbol.
edgeColor(Mandatory)The edge color used to draw the edge of the symbol.

Return Value

A LineLayer object representing the parabolic SAR created.