ChartDirector 6.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



showTextBox(id, x, y, align, text [, boxStyle ])


Draws a textbox on the chart.

The textbox will be drawn as an HTML element overlaid on top of the chart, with the specified HTML id attribute. The id argument should therefore comply to the HTML standard (eg. begins with A-Z or a-z, followed by letters from A-Z, a-z, 0-9, '-' and '_').

If the id is already used by an existing HTML element, JsChartViewer will assume the element is created earlier by showTextBox, and will reuse the same element instead of creating a new one.

The textbox can be hidden using JsChartViewer.hideObj.


id(Mandatory)The id of the HTML element representing the textbox.
x(Mandatory)The x pixel coordinate of the reference point of the textbox, relative to the chart.
y(Mandatory)The y pixel coordinate of the reference point of the textbox, relative to the chart.
align(Mandatory)The alignment of the textbox relative to the reference point. It must be one of JsChartViewer.TopLeft, JsChartViewer.TopCenter, JsChartViewer.TopRight, JsChartViewer.Left, JsChartViewer.Center, JsChartViewer.Right, JsChartViewer.BottomLeft, JsChartViewer.BottomCenter or JsChartViewer.BottomRight. It specifies the point of the textbox that should be the reference point. For example, if TopLeft is used, it means the textbox should be positioned such that the top-left of the text box is at the reference point.
text(Mandatory)The text to be displayed.
boxStyle""The box style in the same format used in the HTML "style" attribute. An example is "border:solid 1px black;background:#ffffcc;padding:3px;font:bold 11px Arial;".

Return Value

A DOM element representing the textbox.