ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



streamUpdate(timeout, extraQuery)


Refreshes the <IMG> that the JsChartViewer is bound to.

Unlike JsChartViewer.partialUpdate, this method does not send the JsChartViewer state to the server. It merely sends a new request to the server using the existing URL of the <IMG> tag.

If this method is called periodically (eg. using a Javascript timer), and the server sends the most updated chart for these requests, then the chart will appear to be automatically update.

One can always refresh an <IMG> tag using standard client side Javascript without using JsChartViewer at all. This method offers the following additional features:


timeout60If there is already an existing update request in progress, the timeout value determines whether to abort the existing request and continue with the new request, or vice versa. If the existing request has been in progress for longer than the timeout value in seconds, it will be aborted, otherwise the new request will be aborted.
extraQuery""Extra query parameters that can be sent with the request. An example is "a=b&c=d".

Return Value

True if a new streamUpdate request is sent out. False if the new streamUpdate request is aborted (due to an outstanding request).