ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)


The Mark class represents mark lines. It is a subclass of TextBox. Mark objects are created using Axis.addMark.

setValue(Self)Sets the value of the mark line.
setMarkColor(Self)Sets the line, text and tick colors of the mark line.
setLineWidth(Self)Sets the line width of the mark line.
setDrawOnTop(Self)Determine whether the mark line is drawn at the front of the chart layers, or at the back of the plot area (that is, like grid lines).
getLine(Self)Retrieves an opaque LineObj representing the mark line. The opaque LineObj is to be used in XYChart.addInterLineLayer for adding coloring between lines.
setTextTextBoxSets the text to be shown in the text box.
setFontStyleTextBoxSets the font of the text by specifying the file that contains the font.
setFontSizeTextBoxSets the font height and width in points.
setFontAngleTextBoxSets the rotation angle and layout direction of the text.
setFontColorTextBoxSets the color of the text.
setAlignmentTextBoxSets the alignment of the text relative to the container box.
setWidthTextBoxSets the width of the text box and wraps text if necessary.
setHeightTextBoxSets the height of the text box.
setMaxWidthTextBoxSets the maximum width of the text box and wraps text if necessary.
setTruncateTextBoxSets the maximum number of lines in the text box, and truncate the text if it exceeds the line count.
setMarginTextBoxSets all margins (left, right, top, and bottom) of the text box to the same value.
setMargin2TextBoxSets the margins of the text box.
setPosBoxSets the coordinates of the reference point of the box, which by default is the top-left corner of the box.
setSizeBoxSets the width and height of the box.
setBackgroundBoxSets the background color, border color and 3D border effect of the box.
setRoundedCornersBoxSets the border style to use rounded corners.
getLeftXBoxGets the left x pixel coordinate of the box.
getTopYBoxGets the top y pixel coordinate of the box.
getWidthBoxGets the width of the box.
getHeightBoxGets the height of the box.
getImageCoorBoxGets the image map coordinates of the box as HTML image map attributes.
setZOrderBoxSets the z-order (drawing order) for custom box objects.