ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)


The PolarSplineAreaLayer class represents polar spline area layers. PolarSplineAreaLayer is a subclass of PolarAreaLayer.

PolarSplineAreaLayer objects are created by using PolarChart.addSplineAreaLayer.

setTension(Self)Sets the tension to use when computing the spline curve.
setAnglesPolarLayerSets the angular coordinates of the data points.
setBorderColorPolarLayerSets the border color for drawing the data on the layer.
setLineWidthPolarLayerSets the line width of lines when drawing the data on the layer.
setDataSymbolPolarLayerUses one of the built-in symbols as the graphics symbol to plot the data points.
setDataSymbol2PolarLayerUses the image from the specified file or resource as the graphics symbol to plot the data points.
setDataSymbol3PolarLayerUses a DrawArea object as the graphics symbol to plot the data points.
setDataSymbol4PolarLayerUses a custom shape as the graphics symbol to plot the data points.
setSymbolOffsetPolarLayerOffset the symbols in the x and y directions in pixel unit.
setSymbolScalePolarLayerSets the size of the symbol for each data point (for creating bubble charts).
setDataLabelStylePolarLayerEnables data labels and sets their styles.
setDataLabelFormatPolarLayerSets the data label format.
addCustomDataLabelPolarLayerAdds a custom data label to a data point.
setImageMapWidthPolarLayerSets the effective size of a data point for producing image maps.
getImageCoorPolarLayerGets the image map coordinates of a data point.
getHTMLImageMapPolarLayerGenerates an HTML image map for all data points on the layer.
setHTMLImageMapPolarLayerOverride the default arguments used when generating HTML image map for the layer.