ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



addScatterGroup(xData, yData, zData [, name [, symbol [, symbolSize [, fillColor [, edgeColor ]]]]])


Adds a group of scatter symbols to the ThreeDScatterChart.

A scatter chart can be considered as a special configuration of a line chart, in the data symbols are enabled and the line width is set to zero. Therefore only the data symbols are visible and the chart appears as scattered.


xData(Mandatory)An array of numbers representing the x values of the data points.
yData(Mandatory)An array of numbers representing the y values of the data points.
zData(Mandatory)An array of numbers representing the z values of the data points.
name""The name of the symbol group. The name will be used in the legend box, if one is available. An empty string means the symbol group has no name.
symbolCircleShapeOne of the predefined symbol constants to specify the symbol to use. (See Shape Specification for available built-in shapes.)
symbolSize5The size of the symbol in pixels. By default, the width and height will be of the same size. If you want to use different size for width and height, you can pass the width and height to ChartDirector.API.xySize and use the return value as the size.
fillColor-1The color used to fill the symbol. -1 means that the color is automatically selected from the palette. SameAsMainColor means the color is based on the z value of the symbol as according to the ColorAxis (accessible via ThreeDChart.colorAxis).
edgeColor-1The edge color used to draw the edge of the symbol. -1 means using LineColor as the edge color.

Return Value

A ThreeDScatterGroup object representing the symbol group created.