ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)


The ThreeDScatterChart class represents 3D scatter charts. ThreeDScatterChart is a subclass of ThreeDChart.

ThreeDScatterChart(Self)Creates a new ThreeDScatterChart object.
addScatterGroup(Self)Adds a group of scatter symbols to the ThreeDScatterChart.
setPlotRegionThreeDChartSets the position of the plot region.
getPlotRegionWidthThreeDChartGets the plot region width.
getPlotRegionDepthThreeDChartGets the plot region depth.
getPlotRegionHeightThreeDChartGets the plot region height.
setViewAngleThreeDChartSets the 3D view angles.
getElevationAngleThreeDChartGets the elevation angle.
getRotationAngleThreeDChartGets the rotation angle.
setPerspectiveThreeDChartSets the strength of the perspective effect.
xAxisThreeDChartRetrieves the x-axis of the ThreeDChart object.
yAxisThreeDChartRetrieves the y-axis of the ThreeDChart object.
zAxisThreeDChartRetrieves the z-axis of the ThreeDChart object.
setColorAxisThreeDChartSets the position, length and orientation of the color axis (color legend).
colorAxisThreeDChartGets the ColorAxis object representing the color axis (color legend).
setWallVisibilityThreeDChartShows or hides the plot region walls.
setWallColorThreeDChartSets the color of the plot region walls.
setWallThicknessThreeDChartSets the thickness of the plot region walls.
setWallGridThreeDChartSets the grid line colors on plot region walls.
setZAxisPosThreeDChartSets the position of the z-axis.
getXCoorThreeDChartGets the x pixel coordinate of a point given its x, y and z data values.
getYCoorThreeDChartGets the y pixel coordinate of a point given its x, y and z data values.
setSizeBaseChartSets the size of the chart, exclusive of the drop shadow (if any).
getWidthBaseChartGets the width of the chart.
getHeightBaseChartGets the height of the chart.
getAbsOffsetXBaseChartGets the x offset of the chart relative to the outermost MultiChart container.
getAbsOffsetYBaseChartGets the y offset of the chart relative to the outermost MultiChart container.
setBackgroundBaseChartSets the background color, border color and 3D border effect of the chart.
setRoundedFrameBaseChartSets the border style of the chart to rounded corners.
setThickFrameBaseChartSets a thick frame around the chart.
setDropShadowBaseChartAdds a drop shadow to the chart.
setBorderBaseChartSets the border color of the chart.
setWallpaperBaseChartUses the image from the specified file or resource as the wallpaper to fill the background of the chart.
setBgImageBaseChartUses the image from the specified file or resource as the background image of the chart.
setSearchPathBaseChartSets the search path for loading image files.
setResourceBaseChartAssigns a resource ID to a DrawArea object to allow it to be referenced using a resource path.
setTransparentColorBaseChartSpecifies a certain color to mean transparent when creating a raster image output.
setAntiAliasBaseChartControls whether anti-alias is used when drawing lines, shapes and text.
addTitleBaseChartAdds a title at the top center of the chart.
addTitle2BaseChartAdds a title to the chart.
addLegendBaseChartAdds a legend box to the chart.
addLegend2BaseChartAdds a legend box to the chart with grid layout.
getLegendBaseChartGets the LegendBox object representing the legend box in the chart.
layoutLegendBaseChartLays out and gets the LegendBox object representing the legend box in the chart.
getDrawAreaBaseChartRetrieves the internal DrawArea object that is used to draw the chart.
addTextBaseChartAdds a text box to the chart.
addTableBaseChartAdds a CDML table to the chart.
addLineBaseChartAdds a line to the chart.
addExtraFieldBaseChartAdds an array of text to be used as an extra field in various places.
addExtraField2BaseChartAdds an array of numbers/dates to be used as an extra field in various places.
setColorBaseChartChange the color at the specified position in the palette.
setColorsBaseChartChange the colors in the palette.
setColors2BaseChartChange the colors in the palette, starting from the specified position in the palette.
getColorBaseChartGets the color at the specified position of the palette.
adjustBrightnessBaseChartCreates a color that is a darkened or brightened version of the given color.
halfColorBaseChartCreates a color that is half the intensity of the given color.
dashLineColorBaseChartCreates a dash line color.
patternColorBaseChartCreates a pattern color using an array of colors as the bitmap pattern.
patternColor2BaseChartCreates a pattern color by using the image from the specified file or resource as the pattern.
linearGradientColorBaseChartCreates a two-point linear gradient color.
linearGradientColor2BaseChartCreates a multi-point linear gradient color.
radialGradientColorBaseChartCreates a two-point radial gradient color.
radialGradientColor2BaseChartCreates a multi-point radial gradient color.
gradientColorBaseChartCreates a two-point linear gradient color.
gradientColor2BaseChartCreates a multi-point linear gradient color.
setDefaultFontsBaseChartSets the defaults for normal, bold, italic and bold-italic fonts.
setFontTableBaseChartSets an entry in the font table to the specified font name.
formatValueBaseChartFormats a number/date using the ChartDirector formatting syntax as is in Parameter Substitution and Formatting.
setNumberFormatBaseChartSets the characters used for thousand separator, decimal point, and negative sign.
setMonthNamesBaseChartSets the names of the months for date/time formatting purposes.
setWeekDayNamesBaseChartSets the names of the week days for date/time formatting purposes.
setAMPMBaseChartSets the names to be used to denote morning and afternoon.
layoutBaseChartPerform auto-scaling of the axes (if any) and compute the positions of the various objects in the chart.
enableVectorOutputBaseChartThis method is deprecated. It has no effect and may be removed in future versions of ChartDirector.
setOutputOptionsBaseChartSets output format options for the next chart output.
makeChartBaseChartGenerates the chart image and save it into a file.
makeChart2BaseChartGenerates the chart as an image in memory.
makeChart3BaseChartGenerates the chart in internal format and return a DrawArea object to allow adding custom drawings on top of the chart.
makePictureBaseChartGenerates the chart as an OLE Picture object. The object can be used directly in Visual Basic PictureBox and Image controls.
makeSessionBaseChartGenerates the chart as an image, saves it to a session variable and returns query parameters for loading the image.
makeTmpFileBaseChartGenerates the chart as an image and save it to a temporary file, and automatically remove old files.
initDynamicLayerBaseChartInitializes a dynamic layer for drawing text and shapes.
removeDynamicLayerBaseChartRemoves the dynamic layer if any.
getHTMLImageMapBaseChartGenerates an HTML image map to define hot spots and tooltips for the chart.
getJsChartModelBaseChartGets the Javascript Chart Model for passing to WebChartViewer.ChartModel for the purpose of supporting track cursors in a web application.
getChartMetricsBaseChartGets the chart metrics for passing to WebChartViewer.ChartMetrics to support viewports for web applications.