ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)


The TreeMapNode class represents tree map nodes.

The TreeMapChart.getRootNode method can be used to obtain the root node of a tree map chart. TreeMapNode.setData can then be used to add child nodes.

getValue(Self)Gets the the data value of the node.
getLabel(Self)Gets the the label value of the node.
getLeftX(Self)Gets the left x coordinate of the node.
getRightX(Self)Gets the right x coordinate of the node.
getTopY(Self)Gets the top y coordinate of the node.
getBottomY(Self)Gets the bottom y coordinate of the node.
getWidth(Self)Gets the width of the node.
getHeight(Self)Gets the height of the node.
setColors(Self)Sets the fill and border colors and 3D border effect of the node.
setLabelFormat(Self)Sets the node label format and font style.
setData(Self)Sets the data for the child nodes.
setLayoutMethod(Self)Sets the layout method used to layout the child nodes.
setSorting(Self)Layout the nodes in sorted order.
getNodeCount(Self)Gets the the number of child nodes.
getNode(Self)Gets the child node at the specified index.
addExtraField(Self)Adds an array of text to be used as an extra field of the child nodes.
addExtraField2(Self)Adds an array of numbers/dates to be used as an extra field in various places.