ChartDirector 6.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



WebChartViewer(request, id)


Creates a new WebChartViewer object.

Note: In the ASP/COM/VB edition of ChartDirector, the WebChartViewer constructor is implemented as a method of the ChartDirector.API object called ChartDirector.API.WebChartViewer.


request(Mandatory)The ASP Request object representing the current request. This object is used to analyze the HTTP request to see if it is a partial update request and initialize the properties of the WebChartViewer properly.
id(Mandatory)The id of the WebChartViewer, which is also used as the id attribute of the <IMG> tag for displaying the chart. It should start with A-Z, a-z or underscore, and consists entirely of alphanumeric characters with no spaces

Return Value

The WebChartViewer object created.