ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)



addAxis(align, offset)


Adds an additional axis to the chart.

By default, ChartDirector XY charts have 2 x-axes and 2 y-axes at the 4 borders of the plot area. The addAxis method can be used to create additional axis.

The new axis will be put at one of the 4 borders of the plot area. To avoid overlapping with existing axis, the new axis will not be put exactly as the plot area border, but at an offset from it.


align(Mandatory)Specifies which side of the plot area is the primary side of the axis. Must be one of the constants Left, Right, Top and Bottom for the 4 sides of the plot area.
offset(Mandatory)An offset in pixels to move the axis away from the plot area. If a negative value is used, it will mean to move the axis into the plot area.

Return Value

An Axis object representing the new axis added.