ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)

Area Charts

Simple Area ChartDemonstrates the basic steps in creating area charts.
Enhanced Area ChartExtends the Simple Area Chart example by decorating the chart using a number of chart formatting features.
Area Line ChartDemonstrates an area chart with a line layer overlap on top. Also demonstrates using date/time x coordinates for the data points (as opposed to using x-axis labels), and also various methods to control the chart appearance.
3D Area ChartDemonstrates a 3D area chart configured using Layer.set3D.
Pattern Area ChartDemonstrates using a pattern for filling the area in an area chart, together with a number of chart formatting features.
Stacked Area ChartDemonstrates using multiple data sets to create stacked area chart.
3D Stacked Area ChartDemonstrates creating a stacked area chart with 3D effects.
Percentage Area ChartDemonstrates creating a percentage area chart. Also demonstrates how to include icons in the legend box using CDML.
Depth Area ChartDemonstrates using multiple area layers with semi-transparent colors to create a depth area chart.
Rotated Area ChartDemonstrates swapping the x and y axes to produce an rotated area chart in which the area goes from left to right (instead of bottom to top).