ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)

ChartDirector Reference

This sector contains reference documentation for all ChartDirector classes and methods, as well as the data types and other conventions used in ChartDirector.

In this section

Class Library
Describes all ChartDirector classes and methods

Describes controls and libraries for displaying charts and handling user interactions.

Javascript Library
Describes the Javascript library for handling user interactions on the browser side.

Data Types
Describes how ChartDirector represents colors, font attributes, date/time, alignments, NoValue and re-sampling filters.

ChartDirector Mark Up Language
CDML is a language for including formatting information in text strings by marking up the text with tags. CDML allows a single text string to be rendered using multiple fonts, with different colors, and even embed images in the text.

Parameter Substitution and Formatting
ChartDirector's template driven approach to precisely control the content of labels, as well as the number and date/time formats used.

Describes international characters support in ChartDirector

Notes On Output Formats
Notes on using certain output formats in ChartDirector.