ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)

Data Types

This section describes various data types and how they are represented in ChartDirector.

In this section

Color Specification
Describes ChartDirector's advanced color support - including ARGB colors, pattern colors, gradient colors, dash line colors, zone colors, and palette based colors.

Font Specification
Explains various font attributes and how they are represented in ChartDirector.

Shape Specification
Explains how shapes are specified in ChartDirector. Shapes are used in data symbols and as bar shapes in bar charts.

Alignment Specification
Introduces the constants used to specify the relative position of two objects.

Describes how to specify a file system path and a resource path.

Date/Time Specification
Describes how dates and times are represented in ChartDirector.

No Value Specification
Introduces the ChartDirector NoValue constant for denoting missing data values.

Re-Sampling Filters
Describes the resampling filter types used in some low level graphics operations.