ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)

Javascript Library

This section describes the ChartDirector Javascript Library, which is used to support browser side user interactions with charts.

The ChartDirector Javascript Library provides the following features:

Files Required

The ChartDirector Javascript Library is implemented in the file "cdjcv.js". To use the ChartDirector Javascript Library, please include the following line in the <HEAD> section of the HTML code:

<SCRIPT SRC="/path/to/cdjcv.js">

Note: Please replace "/path/to" above to the actual path you put the "cdjcv.js" to.

The "cdjcv.js" in turn may load the following files, which should be located in the same directory as "cdjcv.js".

wait.gifRotating clock wait symbol.
spacer.gifA 1-pixel transparent image.
zoomin.curZoom in cursor.
zoomin.curZoom out cursor.

At runtime, "cdjcv.js" will detect the absolute URL of itself, and use it to load the above files. (It does not use relative URL, because the browser will interpret it to be relative to the URL of the containing HTML web page, not the URL of the "cdjcv.js".) If you would like "cdjcv.js" to load the above files from an alternative directory, you may put the URL of the directory in a global Javascript variable "cdjcv_path". "cdjcv.js" will look for this variable first before deriving the path from its own URL.