ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)

Notes On Output Formats

This section contains notes on using certain output formats in ChartDirector.

Raster Only Graphics Primitives

For historical reasons, ChartDirector includes certain low level raster only graphics primitives. Examples are DrawArea.pixel and DrawArea.getPixel which sets and gets a pixel from the frame buffer of the image, DrawArea.fill2 and DrawArea.fill2 which perform flood filling, and various non-affine transform functions. These functions have no effect in vector graphics formats such as SVG and PDF, and should not be used with these formats.

ChartDirector does not use any raster only graphics primitive, so they will not affect charts created by ChartDirector. The above would only be a concern if your code is using the DrawArea object for custom drawing and the output is in a vector graphics format such as SVG or PDF.

Drop Shadows in PDF

ChartDirector currently does not support drop shadows in PDF. If a drop shadow is added, extra margins may be included in the output to accommodate the drop shadow, but the shadow will not appear.