ChartDirector 7.0 (ASP/COM/VB Edition)

XY Charts

In this section, we will discuss how to create XY Charts using ChartDirector through a number of examples.

In ChartDirector, XY Charts refer to charts that have x and y axes. These include bar charts, line charts, spline line charts, trend line charts, step line charts, scatter charts, bubble charts, vector charts, area charts, floating box charts, box-whisker charts, waterfall charts, gantt charts, contour charts, heat maps, finance charts, etc.

ChartDirector employs a layering architecture for XY charts. Each chart type is represented as a layer on a plot area. You can include multiple layers on the same plot area to create combination charts.

For clarity and ease of understanding, this documentation is separated into sections to explain the various chart types. Please note that each chart type is just a layer in the XY Chart, and you may freely combine them together to create combination charts.

In this section

Bar Charts
Demonstrates 2D and 3D bar charts, vertical and horizontal bar charts, multi-color bar charts, stacked bar charts, multi-bar charts, multi-stacked bar charts, depth bar charts, bar labels, and a number of chart formatting features.

Line Charts
Demonstrates 2D and 3D line charts, multi-line charts, spline line charts, step line charts, rotated line charts, data symbols, lines with error symbols, interline coloring, discontinuous lines, and a number of chart formatting features.

Trend and Curve Fitting
Demonstrates linear, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic regression trending lines with confidence bands, and arbitrary curve fitting using LOWESS.

Scatter/Bubble/Vector Charts
Demonstrates scatter charts with built-in and custom symbols, bubble charts with bubbles of different shapes and with horizontal and vertical sizes independently controlled, and vector charts.

Area Charts
Demonstrates 2D and 3D area charts, stacked area charts, depth area charts, percentage area charts, rotated area charts, and a number of chart formatting and area filling features.

Floating Box/Waterfall Charts
Demonstrates vertical and horizontal box-whisker charts, and its application in floating box and waterfall charts.

Gantt Charts
Demonstrates gantt charts.

Coutour Charts/Heat Maps
Demonstrates contour charts and heat maps with stepwise and smooth coloring, and with bi-linear and spline surface interpolation.

Finance Charts
Demonstrates creating finance charts with OHLC bars, candlesticks, volume bars, moving averages, Bollinger bands, Donchian channels, RSI, MACD, Stochastic, and numerous other indicators.

Other XY Chart Features
Demonstrates various features common to all XY Charts, such as marks and zones, zone colors, dual x-axis, dual y-axis, text styles and coloring control, backgrounds and wallpapers, log scale axis, and other axis scaling control features.