ChartDirector 6.0 (C++ Edition)



void setMinLabelSize(int size);


Sets the minimum height (or width for horizontal bars) of the bar segments below which data labels will be hidden.

In ChartDirector, for a bar layer, data labels (Layer.setDataLabelStyle) are drawn internal to the bar segment, while the aggregate labels (Layer.setAggregateLabelStyle) are drawn external to the bar.

ChartDirector will disable data labels for a bar segment if the bar segment is too short to contain the data label.

By default, ChartDirector will automatically determine what is meant by "too short". The setMinLabelSize method can be used to manually defined the threshold for "too short".

Sometimes it may be desirable to display the data label even though it cannot be contained within the bar segment. In this case, the setMinLabelSize can be used to set the threshold to 0.


size(Mandatory)The minimum length of the bar segments in pixels, below which data labels will be hidden.

Return Value