ChartDirector 6.0 (C++ Edition)



bool setLicenseCode(const char *licCode, char *buffer = 0);


Sets the license code into ChartDirector.

This method is for applying the license code of a ChartDirector Redistribute License to an application. With this method, the license code will be compiled into the application executable and redistributed with the application, and ChartDirector will run in licensed mode when used by the application.

This method only needs to be called once per executable instance. Typically, it is called during program initialization.


licCode(Mandatory)A text string containing the license code.
buffer0A buffer to hold the error message in case of error. The buffer should be at least 2048 bytes. If the buffer is 0 (null pointer), no error message will be returned.

Return Value

A true value indicates the license code is accepted. A false value indicates the license code is rejected. In the latter case, the error message will be stored in the buffer.