ChartDirector 6.0 (C++ Edition)

Pos/Neg Waterfall Chart

This example demonstrates a waterfall chart with positive and negative data shown in different colors.

This chart is created as a box-whisker layer using XYChart.addBoxWhiskerLayer. Only the "box" part of the box-whisker layer is used.

The top-edges of the boxes are obtained by accumulating the raw data using the ArrayMath utility. The bottom-edges of the boxes are simply the top-edges of previous boxes, with the exception of the last "total" box which always starts at 0.

The color for each box is set using BoxWhiskerLayer.setBoxColor, in which the color depends on whether the top-edge is above or below the bottom-edge (that is, whether the data is positive or negative).

Source Code Listing

[The following code is available in "cppdemo/posnegwaterfall". A MFC version of the code is available in "mfcdemo/mfcdemo" (Windows edition only). A QT version of the code is available in "qtdemo/qtdemo".]
#include "chartdir.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    // 4 data points to represent the cash flow for the Q1 - Q4
    double data[] = {230, -140, 220, 330};

    // We want to plot a waterfall chart showing the 4 quarters as well as the total
    const char *labels[] = {"1st Quarter", "2nd Quarter", "3rd Quarter", "4th Quarter", "Total"};

    // The top side of the bars in a waterfall chart is the accumulated data. We use the
    // ChartDirector ArrayMath utility to accumulate the data. The "total" is handled by inserting a
    // zero point at the end before accumulation (after accumulation it will become the total).
    ArrayMath boxTop = ArrayMath(DoubleArray(data, (int)(sizeof(data) / sizeof(data[0])))).insert(0,
        1, (int)(sizeof(data) / sizeof(data[0]))).acc();

    // The botom side of the bars is just the top side of the previous bar. So we shifted the top
    // side data to obtain the bottom side data.
    ArrayMath boxBottom = ArrayMath(boxTop).shift(1, 0);

    // The last point (total) is different. Its bottom side is always 0.
    boxBottom.trim(0, (int)(sizeof(data) / sizeof(data[0]))).insert(0, 1);

    // In this example, we want to use different colors depending on the data is positive or
    // negative.
    int posColor = 0x00ff00;
    int negColor = 0xff0000;

    // Create a XYChart object of size 500 x 280 pixels. Set background color to light blue
    // (ccccff), with 1 pixel 3D border effect.
    XYChart *c = new XYChart(500, 300, 0xccccff, 0x000000, 1);

    // Add a title to the chart using 13 points Arial Bold Itatic font, with white (ffffff) text on
    // a deep blue (0x80) background
    c->addTitle("Corporate Cash Flow - Year 2004", "arialbi.ttf", 13, 0xffffff)->setBackground(

    // Set the plotarea at (55, 50) and of size 430 x 215 pixels. Use alternative white/grey
    // background.
    c->setPlotArea(55, 50, 430, 215, 0xffffff, 0xeeeeee);

    // Add a legend box at (55, 25) using 8pt Arial Bold font with horizontal layout, with
    // transparent background and border color.
    LegendBox *b = c->addLegend(55, 25, false, "arialbd.ttf", 8);
    b->setBackground(Chart::Transparent, Chart::Transparent);

    // Add keys to show the colors for positive and negative cash flows
    b->addKey("Positive Cash Flow", posColor);
    b->addKey("Negative Cash Flow", negColor);

    // Set the labels on the x axis using Arial Bold font
    c->xAxis()->setLabels(StringArray(labels, (int)(sizeof(labels) / sizeof(labels[0])))

    // Set the x-axis ticks and grid lines to be between the bars

    // Use Arial Bold as the y axis label font

    // Add a title to the y axis
    c->yAxis()->setTitle("USD (in millions)");

    // Add a box-whisker layer to represent the waterfall bars
    BoxWhiskerLayer *layer = c->addBoxWhiskerLayer(boxTop, boxBottom);

    DoubleArray boxTopData = boxTop.result();
    DoubleArray boxBottomData = boxBottom.result();
    for (int i = 0; i < boxTopData.len; ++i)
        if (boxTopData[i] >= boxBottomData[i])
            layer->setBoxColor(i, posColor);
            layer->setBoxColor(i, negColor);

    // Put data labels on the bars to show the cash flow using Arial Bold font

    // Output the chart

    //free up resources
    delete c;
    return 0;