ChartDirector 6.0 (C++ Edition)

Texture Donut Chart

This example demonstrates wooden, rocky and marble texture effects by using pattern colors to load image patterns.

In ChartDirector, metallic and pattern colors are just like normal ARGB colors, and are represented as a 32-bit integer. They can be applied to anything that can be colored. In this example, metallic colors are applied to the background, while pattern colors are applied to the donut slices to create texture effects.

Source Code Listing

[The following code is available in "cppdemo/texturedonut". A MFC version of the code is available in "mfcdemo/mfcdemo" (Windows edition only). A QT version of the code is available in "qtdemo/qtdemo".]
#include "chartdir.h"

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    // The data for the pie chart
    double data[] = {18, 45, 28};

    // The labels for the pie chart
    const char *labels[] = {"Marble", "Wood", "Granite"};

    // The icons for the sectors
    const char *texture[] = {"marble3.png", "wood.png", "rock.png"};

    // Create a PieChart object of size 400 x 330 pixels, with a metallic green (88EE88) background,
    // black border and 1 pixel 3D border effect
    PieChart *c = new PieChart(400, 330, Chart::metalColor(0x88ee88), 0x000000, 1);

    // Set donut center at (200, 160), and outer/inner radii as 120/60 pixels
    c->setDonutSize(200, 160, 120, 60);

    // Add a title box using 15pt Times Bold Italic font and metallic deep green (008000) background
    // color
    c->addTitle("Material Composition", "timesbi.ttf", 15)->setBackground(Chart::metalColor(0x008000

    // Set the pie data and the pie labels
    c->setData(DoubleArray(data, (int)(sizeof(data) / sizeof(data[0]))), StringArray(labels, (int)(
        sizeof(labels) / sizeof(labels[0]))));

    // Set the colors of the sectors to the 3 texture patterns
    c->setColor(Chart::DataColor + 0, c->patternColor(texture[0]));
    c->setColor(Chart::DataColor + 1, c->patternColor(texture[1]));
    c->setColor(Chart::DataColor + 2, c->patternColor(texture[2]));

    // Draw the pie in 3D with a 3D depth of 30 pixels

    // Use 12pt Arial Bold Italic as the sector label font
    c->setLabelStyle("arialbi.ttf", 12);

    // Output the chart

    //free up resources
    delete c;
    return 0;