ChartDirector 6.0 (C++ Edition)

What's Next

This documentation introduces ChartDirector features by using a sequence of examples. In the following sections, you will find plenty of examples for pie charts, xy charts, polar charts, etc. These examples are arranged from simple to sophisticated, and are designed to demonstrate various ChartDirector features step by step.

A complete, comprehensive reference to all ChartDirector features can be found in the section on ChartDirector Reference.

As a quick start, most people find it useful to just use the examples as code templates for their own charts. If you want to draw your own chart immediately, you may browse for the example that most closely matches you needs, and modify it to fit your needs.

Sometimes, the features you need may be illustrated in different examples. Provided you understand the code roughly so that you know which code fragment is for which feature, you may try to cut and paste code fragments from different examples together to compose your own chart. The ChartDirector Reference will be an invaluable aid as it explains the functions of every API in the examples.

To find the description of a method in the ChartDirector Reference, the easiest way is to use the Index section in the ChartDirector documentation.

In case you are reading the HTML format of the ChartDirector documentation, it may be useful to download the CHM format from, as the CHM format has better support for index lookup and also supports searching.