ChartDirector 6.1 (Java Edition)



public PlotArea setPlotArea(int x, int y, int width, int height [, int bgColor [, int altBgColor [, int edgeColor [, int hGridColor [, int vGridColor ]]]]])


Sets the position, size, background colors, edge color and grid colors of the plot area.


x(Mandatory)The x coordinate of the left of the plot area.
y(Mandatory)The y coordinate of the top of the plot area.
width(Mandatory)The width of the plot area in pixels.
height(Mandatory)The height of the plot area in pixels.
bgColorTransparentThe background color of the plot area.
altBgColor-1The second background color of the plot area. -1 means there is no second background color. If there is a second background color, the two background colors will be used alternatively as horizontal bands on the background grid.
edgeColor-1The border color of the plot area. -1 means to use the default, which is LineColor. However, if the axes are configured in 4 quadrant mode (see XYChart.setAxisAtOrigin), the default will change to Transparent.
hGridColorC0C0C0The horizontal grid color.
vGridColorTransparentThe vertical grid color.

Return Value

The PlotArea object representing the plot area.