ChartDirector 6.1 (Java Edition)

Surface Charts

In this section, we will discuss how to create surface charts using ChartDirector through a number of examples.

Surface Chart (1)Demonstrates the basic steps in creating surface charts.
Surface Chart (2)Extends the Surface Chart (1) example by adding surface grid and contour lines, and using alternative view angles and continuous coloring.
Surface Chart (3)Demonstrates using deep perspective. Also demonstrates surface grid lines of different line styles.
Scattered Data Surface ChartDemonstrates using scattered data for the surface chart. Also demonstrates hiding the plot region walls and changing their thickness and colors.
Surface Chart Axis TypesThe example demonstrates different axis scale types for the surface charts.
Surface LightingDemonstrates the effects of various surface lighting parameters, configured using SurfaceChart.setLighting.
Surface ShadingDemonstrates the effects of various surface shading methods, configured using SurfaceChart.setShadingMode.
Surface WireframeDemonstrates the rectangular and triangular wireframes of a surface at different interpolation levels, configured using SurfaceChart.setShadingMode and SurfaceChart.setInterpolation.
Surface PerspectiveDemonstrates the effects of various perspective depth, configured using ThreeDChart.setPerspective.