ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void addZone2(double startValue, double endValue, int fillColor [, int edgeColor ]);
[VB] Public Sub addZone2(startValue As Double, endValue As Double, fillColor As Integer [, edgeColor As Integer ])


Adds a colored zone to the meter.

This method is just a short cut to AngularMeter.addZone, in which the starting radius is always 0, and ending radius is the radius of the meter scale. In other words, the zone is a sector on the meter.


startValue(Mandatory)The data value that marks the start position of the zone.
endValue(Mandatory)The data value that marks the end position of the zone.
fillColor(Mandatory)The fill color of the zone.
edgeColor-1The edge color of the zone. The default is the same as the fill color.

Return Value