ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public ArrayMath movPercentile(int interval, double percentile);
[VB] Public Function movPercentile(interval As Integer, percentile As Double) As ArrayMath


Replaces each element of the ArrayMath object by its moving percentile.

The interval parameter specifies the window size for computing moving average. The moving average is computed as the percentile of the current element with the previous (interval - 1) elements. No moving percentile can be computed for the first (interval - 1) elements, because there are insufficient previous elements. So the first (interval - 1) elements will be replaced with NoValue.


interval(Mandatory)The window size.
percentile(Mandatory)The percentile to be computed. It should be between 0 - 100.

Return Value

The current ArrayMath object.