ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setColors(int axisColor [, int labelColor [, int titleColor [, int tickColor ]]]);
[VB] Public Sub setColors(axisColor As Integer [, labelColor As Integer [, titleColor As Integer [, tickColor As Integer ]]])


Sets the colors of the axis itself, axis label, axis title and axis ticks.

By default, the axis and axis ticks are drawn using the LineColor, while the axis label and axis title are drawn using the TextColor. You may use this method to change their colors.


axisColor(Mandatory)The color of the axis itself.
labelColorTextColorThe color of the axis labels.
titleColor-1The color of the axis title. -1 means the axis title color is the same as the axis label color.
tickColor-1The color of the axis ticks. -1 means the axis ticks color is the same as the axis color.

Return Value