ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setLinearScale2(double lowerLimit, double upperLimit, string[] labels);
[VB] Public Sub setLinearScale2(lowerLimit As Double, upperLimit As Double, labels As String())


Sets the axis to use the given linear scale and the given labels.

Note that the first character of a label can be interpreted as a tick specification character. Please refer to Axis.setLabels for more details.


lowerLimit(Mandatory)The lower bound of the axis.
upperLimit(Mandatory)The upper bound of the axis.
labels(Mandatory)An array of text strings to be used as the labels on the axis. ChartDirector will distribute the labels evenly on the axis. By default, all labels are associated with major ticks. These can be modified by using '-' or '~' as the first character. Please refer to Axis.setLabels for details.

Return Value