ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setMultiFormat2(int filterId, string formatString [, int labelSpan [, bool promoteFirst ]]);
[VB] Public Sub setMultiFormat2(filterId As Integer, formatString As String [, labelSpan As Integer [, promoteFirst As Boolean ]])


Adds one filter and format string to the multi-format lists.

Please refer to Axis.setMultiFormat on how to use this method.


filterId(Mandatory)The filter that defines a subset of labels.
formatString(Mandatory)The format string for formatting the subset defined by the above filter.
labelSpan1The number of label positions that are claimed by one label. If a label occupies more than 1 position, ChartDirector will not put labels on nearby positions, even if they meet the filter criteria.
promoteFirsttrueIf set to true, the first label will be promoted to a higher filter category in the multi-format list.

Return Value