ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public string getChartMetrics();
[VB] Public Function getChartMetrics() As String


Gets the chart metrics for passing to WebChartViewer.ChartMetrics or RazorChartViewer.ChartMetrics to support viewports for web applications.

This method is not necessary if you use BaseChart.makeWebImage to pass the chart to WebChartViewer or RazorChartViewer, as the WebImage already includes the chart metrics. However, if you pass the chart to WebChartViewer or RazorChartViewer as a temporary image file (eg. using BaseChart.makeTmpFile), then to support viewports, it is necessary to pass the chart metrics using this method.

The format of the chart metrics is not published.



Return Value

A text string representing the chart metrics.