ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public string getJsChartModel([ string options ]);
[VB] Public Function string getJsChartModel([ options As String ]) As public


Gets the Javascript Chart Model for passing to WebChartViewer.ChartModel or RazorChartViewer.ChartModel for the purpose of supporting track cursors in a web application.

To support track cursors in a web application, the browser would need know certain details of the chart, its data, chart type and axis configuration. The Javascript Chart Model is a textual representation of those information. The WebChartViewer or RazorChartViewer will send it to the browser to be used by the browser side JsChartViewer.

The format of the Javascript Chart Model is not published.


options""This parameter is reserved for future use. Please do not use it.

Return Value

A text string representing the Javascript Chart Model.