ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setLineWidth(int axisWidth [, int majorTickWidth [, int minorTickWidth [, int microTickWidth ]]]);
[VB] Public Sub setLineWidth(axisWidth As Integer [, majorTickWidth As Integer [, minorTickWidth As Integer [, microTickWidth As Integer ]]])


Sets the line widths of the scale line and the ticks on the meter.


axisWidth(Mandatory)The line width for drawing the meter scale line in pixels. For an angular meter, the default is 1 pixel. For a linear meter, the default is 2 pixels.
majorTickWidth1The line width of the major ticks in pixels. For a linear meter, if this method is not called, the initial major tick width is set to 2 pixels.
minorTickWidth1The line width of the minor ticks in pixels.
microTickWidth1The line width of the micro ticks in pixels.

Return Value