ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setScale3(double lowerLimit, double upperLimit, double[] labels [, string formatString ]);
[VB] Public Sub setScale3(lowerLimit As Double, upperLimit As Double, labels As Double() [, formatString As String ])


Sets the meter to use the given scale with the given numeric labels and tick positions.

ChartDirector will distribute the labels evenly on the scale. By default, all labels are associated with major ticks. If you want certain positions to show a minor or micro ticks only, use MinorTickOnly or MicroTickOnly as the label values for those positions.


lowerLimit(Mandatory)The lower limit of the meter scale.
upperLimit(Mandatory)The upper limit of the meter scale.
labels(Mandatory)An array of numbers to be used as the labels on the meter scale.
formatString""The format string for formatting the numbers. An empty string means the format will be automatically determined.

Return Value