ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public ColorAxis setColorAxis(int x, int y, int alignment, int length, int orientation);
[VB] Public Function setColorAxis(x As Integer, y As Integer, alignment As Integer, length As Integer, orientation As Integer) As ColorAxis


Sets the position, length and orientation of the color axis (color legend).


x(Mandatory)The x-coordinate of the reference point used to position the color axis.
y(Mandatory)The y-coordinate of the reference point used to position the color axis.
alignment(Mandatory)The alignment of the color axis with respect to the reference point. For example, a value of TopLeft means the reference point is the top- left corner of the color axis. See Alignment Specification for supported alignment types..
length(Mandatory)The length of the color axis in pixels.
orientation(Mandatory)The orientation of the color axis. A value of Top/Bottom means the axis is horizontal, and the axis labels are at top/bottom side of the axis. A value of Left/Right means the axis is vertical, and the axis labels are at the left/right side of the axis.

Return Value