ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public ChartDirector.TextBox setDataLabelStyle([ string font [, double fontSize [, int fontColor [, double fontAngle ]]]]);
[VB] Public Function setDataLabelStyle([ font As String [, fontSize As Double [, fontColor As Integer [, fontAngle As Double ]]]]) As ChartDirector.TextBox


Enables data labels and sets their styles.

To set the data label styles for all data sets in a layer, use Layer.setDataLabelStyle.

For details description of data labels, please refer to :Layer.setDataLabelStyle.


font""The font used to draw the labels.
fontSize8The font size used to draw the labels.
fontColorTextColorThe color used to draw the labels.
fontAngle0The rotation angle of the labels.

Return Value

A TextBox object representing the prototype of the data labels. This may be used to fine-tune the appearance of the data labels.