ChartDirector 6.2 (.NET Edition)



[C#] public void setDataSymbol(int symbol [, int size [, int fillColor [, int edgeColor [, int lineWidth ]]]]);
[VB] Public Sub setDataSymbol(symbol As Integer [, size As Integer [, fillColor As Integer [, edgeColor As Integer [, lineWidth As Integer ]]]])


Uses one of the built-in symbols as the graphics symbol to plot the data points.

In the current version of ChartDirector, data symbols are supported only in LineLayer, SplineLayer, StepLineLayer and ScatterLayer. To use data symbols in other layer types, add a ScatterLayer on top of that layer.


symbol(Mandatory)One of the predefined shape constants representing the symbol shape. See Shape Specification for the available built-in shapes.
size5The width and height of the symbol in pixels.
fillColor-1The color used to fill the symbol. -1 means the color of the data set will be used.
edgeColor-1The edge color used to draw the edge of the symbol. -1 means the edge color of the data set will be used.
lineWidth1The line width used for drawing the symbols.

Return Value